INCREDIBLE! Not only has the Gameless Relationship saved my marriage, but has vastly improved my work environment and the way I relate to everyone else in my life, including my family, friends and acquaintences.

Thank you,

Barry Brenner

If you want a better relationship NOW...this is the book for you!

The Gameless Relationship sets forth, in a quick, clear and extremely understandable way, exactly what you can do today to make your relationship dreams come true, right now! All you need is a bit of willingness to follow the exercises and start having that gameless relationship today. You will learn that you have 100% control over what you get!

As a business management seminar presenter and corporate coach for over 25 years, many books have crossed my desk. I find Gameless Relationship to be one of the best at explaining exactly what it takes to have a gameless, loving relationship. And a bonus is the self-awareness and skills you find here will carry you through all of your relationships, personal and professional.

The Gameless Relationship is short, clear and laser-focused on exactly what you need to do to have your dream loving relationship as well as happier, more fun relationships in your life.

Barbara A. Clegg, RCC
Clegg Coaching and Training LLC