Whether you have previously repaired your relationship using THE RELATIONSHIP SAVER from www.RelationshipSaver.org, or you have never had relationship problems but would like them to work even better, THE GAMELESS RELATIONSHIP is written for you. Either way, you are about to discover what are the principles of a relationship where you do not need to play games any more… ever.

A Gameless Relationship is a relationship where we appreciate and accept each other and ourselves for what and who we are, no more and no less. In a Gameless Relationship we relate to each other and our-
selves with love, respect and compassion. There are no games played.

Being in a Gameless Relationship takes care of several crucial issues in our lives:

• Security
• Understanding women and understanding men

• Self-esteem and self-respect
• Freedom to be true to yourself
• Practical knowledge of dealing with many adverse life situations
• Being clear about many areas of “whys” and “hows” of everyday life challenges and more.

In this book you will discover in depth what no one taught you neither at home nor at school: from differences between men and women to the four basic principles of a perfect relationship.

My commitment is to help people continuously build authentic relationships and new futures. This is my mantra and my mission. I want you to know that I appreciate your commitment to your relation-ship because I do believe that relationships determine the quality of our lives as individuals and the quality of our societies at large.

Radomir Samardzic